Building a search engine

Building a search engine was my dream after reading about Google and its linux farm and the search algorithm. A team had tried to build a search engine called Mozdex. Mozdex is a open search engine where they show us how the search process is going on and how they rank their page.

They have released their source code as open source at SourceForge.
Some people may say that providing the insight into the results will offer cheaters a better way to get higher ranks, but our view is it allows us to openly discover and communicate new methods and algorithms that give a better view and representation that is less Fallible to cheaters.
It is built using Open Source Softwares. Mozdex is based on the Nutch Search technology.

Currently the search engine is in beta and it has very small index. Many popular websites are not shown in the result as it is based on the DMOZ.org directory.

Really interesting search engine. I gotta go see how it is implemented but it is based on Java.

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