Microsoft launches Acrylic against Photoshop

Microsoft has launched its first professional graphics tool. Its code name is Acrylic and the beta version, which is free until October 1, is already available for download , here. The software is based on Expression, a graphics application acquired from Creature House in 2003.

According to the program’s description from Microsoft’s site this is an innovative illustration, painting and graphics tool that provides exciting creative capabilities for designers working in print, web, video, and interactive media.

In addition to the Metro proprietary format, Microsoft is releasing another product aimed at competing with Adobe.

It remains to be seen if the giant from Redmond succeeds to outperform Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator. Microsoft has to provide innovative tools and advanced algorithms to convince professionals to switch from their current solutions (Photoshop and Illustrator) to Acrylic.

The application has already started on the wrong foot, the developers recommending users to have a Pentium 4 machine, with Windows XP Service Pack 2, 512MB of memory which makes us wonder if this product won’t be another program that requires a lot and does little.

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