Adsense - Choice over ads

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Google Adsense has a new format where the visitor to the website has the choice over what kind of ads to be displayed. The user can click the keywords based upon which the ads shown will change.
There are five links that are related to the topic and there is also a textbox, where the user can type the necessary keyword and ads based on that keyword will be shown. This is a nice feature, but I wonder how many will use this feature. Visitors come to a website to read content, not to see ads. This feature will be really useful for those who want to know more (commercial) information about the other related topics.
In the example I have taken, first the ads were about blogs, blogging software, blog hosts, etc. I tried a few keywords and then, I tried my own keyword "DVD" and I got ads related to DVD players. The keywords also have changed multiregion DVD, DVD players, etc.

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