TargetPoint Ads

I have registered for an Ad system for this blog at Targetpoint. The ads shown are very similar to Google Adsense.
The registration was simple and the website was approved by afternoon. I can show two kinds of ads called
  • Adpoint
  • Exitpoint
Adpoint shows text ads relevant to the content on the page very similar to Google's Adsense. There are a wide variety of sizes to choose from like banner, skyscraper, button, etc (totally 10). We can filter those ads containing specific content or totally exclude a domain. We can even change the advanced ad design parameters like number of links to display, queue orientation, size, etc. But the interesting feature is that you can change every aspect of the ad - like border color, background image, height, title, description, etc., of the header, body and footer. Your ads are totally customisable. You can even preview the ad in the side and changes take place instantaneously.
Look at the side bar for a sample ad.

Exitpoint is an innovative type of ad where links are displayed on external pages. The external links on the page are changed to display a small frame on the external page. The user has a choice of closing that frame if required. For example click on these external link to see exitpoint in action.
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