BitTorrent Goes Trackerless !

As part of our ongoing efforts to make publishing files on the Web painless and disruptively cheap, BitTorrent has released a 'trackerless' version of BitTorrent in a new release.

Publishing with BitTorrent gets easier! Read complete article to get more information.

Suppose you bought a television station, you could broadcast your progamming to everyone in a 50 mile radius. Now suppose the population of your town tripled.

How much more does it cost you to broadcast to 3 times as many people? Nothing. The same is not true of the Web.

If you own a website and you publish your latest video on it, as popularity increases, so does your bandwidth bill! Sometimes by a lot!

However, thanks to BitTorrent the website owner gets almost near-broadcast economics on the web by harnessing the unused upstream bandwidth of his/her users.

In prior versions of BitTorrent, publishing was a 3 step process. You would:
- Create a ".torrent" file -- a summary of your file which you can put on your blog or website
- Create a "tracker" for that file on your webserver so that your downloaders can find each other
- Create a "seed" copy of your download so that your first downloader has a place to download from

Many of you have blogs and websites, but dont have the resources to set up a tracker. In the new version, we've created an optional 'trackerless' method of publication.

Anyone with a website and an Internet connection can host a BitTorrent download!

Although still in Beta release, the trackerless version of BitTorrent, and the latest production version are available at BitTorrent.com

Additional Information

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- TrackerLess BitTorrent : Click Here

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