Microsoft advises to uninstall Netscape

Microsoft Corp. recently said that users should either uninstall Netscape 8 or edit the registry to fix a data problem. The issue is that AOL’s new browser version disables XML rendering capabilities in Internet Explorer, which in return displays a blank webpage on selected websites instead of the ones with actual content. The problem occurs when the user is trying to view a contented webpage via a RSS feed.

Microsoft Senior Program Manager for Internet Explorer Dave Massy said that his company has confirmed the bug and offers two potential solutions. The first one is to completely uninstall the browser, and the second option is to delete the registry titled: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerPluginsExtension

AOL disregarded the issue as being a critical one and AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein said, "This issue affects a very small number of users who visit sites that require that advanced technology".

AOL said it has plans to fix this particular bug in Netscape 8 sometime next week.

According to security reports, this is the second bug that has been found in Netscape 8 after a group of 40 were discovered after the browser’s initial launch. Netscape is a hybrid to Firefox and Internet Explorer, which should yield in increased compatibility and security, overall.

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