Deletion of posts

Sudarsan and I went to a browsing centre to delete the blog and the discussion forum. First we thought that the president or someone must have searched in Google and found the link. When we seached for the keyword 'saveetha' our website came in the 3rd page of the search result. That too was an indirect link. Not a direct link to the blog or the forum. So I thought someone who knew about the site had shown the president.
I wanted to save a copy of the post in the blog, so I mailed the post to my email address. Then we went to the forum and it was a difficult time to search for that particular post. There were in total 417 posts. Luckily I had moved the very bad jokes about the staffs to a password protected forum and it saved our neck. Some one really knowing about our website must have brought up the issue. But we dont know who it was. We deleted all the posts and all the members.
Sudarsan and ananthu wanted to develop another website without using the college name and to show the real state of the college. But I was thinking of some other way. I wanted to write a review about the college in www.mouthshut.com.

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