Customised Google search page

Google has unveiled a new service that allows people to consolidate various Google features they use, ranging from web search to email, into a personalized home page. Google has created a My Google page similar to what Yahoo and MSN had created before. You have a number of modules which you can add to your customised search page. The new page will look similar to the old search page, but below the search text box, there is an option to add a number of modules.
You can add
  • Stocks
  • Weather(US only)
  • Quote of the day
  • Word of the day
  • Driving directions(US only)
  • Movies(US only)
  • Feeds, Headlines & The "Fusion" Strategy
  • Gmail (support for other mail services pending)
This customised Google will allow you to read news from various sources like
- Google News (top US stories)
- BBC News
- New York Times
- Slashdot
- Wired News
The option to add any feed will be introduced soon.
You can even decide upon the placement of the modules you have selected. This customised page is totally different from the regular search engine. This is expected from Google which will not push things into its users.
Get your customised Google search page here.

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Rajiv said...

Sounds kewl. Im checkin it out.